When do I see a physio, and when do I see a Dr?   Recently updated !

There are often times in life when we get a pain and just don’t know whether to see a doctor or go directly to the physiotherapist. Here in New Zealand physiotherapists can lodge ACC claims directly without you having to see a doctor first. But how do you know? Here […]

Tips and tricks to get better, faster for triathletes

Here is a series of exercises, postures, techniques and general advice in order to get more efficient, less prone to injury and most importantly faster when swimming, biking and running in triathlon. Swim • Important to have good thoracic (middle back) rotation when swimming. Exercises: 1. Standing (better sitting as […]

My Story: A Boyd ACL Reconstruction

My Story: Andrew Boyd completely ruptured his Anterior Cruciate Ligament playing rugby in July. He had surgical repair of his knee in October which gave us 3 months for prehabilitation. With a personalised rehabilitation program he returned to the rugby field nine months later. Check out a his brief video below.

My Story-A Boyd ACL movie from Back In Action Physio on Vimeo.

What is normal?

In every single treatment session, multiple times a session, we ask ourselves the question ‘what is normal’. There has been a lot of research into all of our different body parts to determine the answer to this question including anatomy studies, population studies, autopsies, radiology studies and many more. The […]

Running Intervals for Triathletes

Why run intervals? Our bodies are extremely clever and when we place a training stress on the body, it will adapt and then improve……that’s the whole point of training right? However, If we provide the same training stimulus every session then eventually we will reach a plateau of fitness. But […]